Democratize Access to Financial Freedom

Blockchains and the world of DeFi present users with a new universe of investment opportunities but the same attributes that allow these opportunities to exist also make it difficult and daunting for the average user to take advantage of them. We want to improve the experience for those looking to allocate capital, and believe that an open, permissionless, and transparent platform like Solrise can facilitate that transition.

Solrise is meant to serve both the needs of experienced investors looking for an innovative, more streamlined approach to portfolio management as well as crypto novices interested in a passively managed strategy. Solflare works in tandem with this vision. A digital wallet is essentially a bank account and/or an investment account and Solflare functions as both a feature-heavy wallet that's user-friendly to both newcomers and power users.

As more people onboard to Solana's robust DeFi, NFT, DAO, and Web 3 ecosystems through Solflare's mobile app, web app, and browser extension, more Investors will be exposed to opportunities on Solrise. As Fund Managers obtain higher risk-adjusted returns for their Investors, they'll attract more investment and more performance fees.

Incentives align.

Our Roadmap

There are technical limitations as to what can be done on-chain so it's difficult to forecast when future innovations and integrations will be implemented but there is plenty to do.

DeFi offers a significant opportunity that could only be dreamed of a few years ago and Solana's on-chain protocols will only continue to expand in their accessibility, quality, and utility. Technical limitations and accessibility will subside over time as a result of back-end updates to the Solana network and front-end enhancements of Solana applications' UI/UX.

Just know that at some point, Solrise will be implementing the following:

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