🦍DAWN of the Apes

Trading Competition | July 4th - September 25th

The world is a wasteland. Humans have severely over-leveraged themselves and a brutal liquidation cascade resulted in an extinction-level event wiping out humanity.

But there is a glimmer of hope. A new Dawn is rising…

πŸ¦§πŸŽ‰ Solrise is pleased to announce the 3rd iteration of the DAWN trading competitionβ€Šβ€”β€ŠDAWN of the Apes, which will take place between July 4th and September 25th 2022. πŸ¦§πŸŽ‰

DAWN of the Apes consists of a quarterly leaderboard, weekly leaderboard, a 4-week tournament (King of the Jungle), and a monthly reward program with a cumulative prize pool of 50,000 USDC, 300,000+ SLRS (up to 3 million SLRS), and a Degen Ape NFT. Eligibility for the competition is determined by locking $1,000 of your manager share and manually joining. Winners are decided by their % return on investment during the competition.

All prizes are distributed after a manual check, as quickly as possible, no later than 30 days after winning. There are no lock-ups or vesting periods.

Inactive fund managers who are just sitting in USDC, managers acting in bad faith, or acting against the interest of their investors may be disqualified. If you can find loopholes in the rules which can lead to unfair advantages on the leaderboard, they will be closed and you will be rewarded. Solrise reserves the right to disqualify any manager for any reason. Make sure to join our community in Solrise Discord (admins will never DM you first) to chat with other participants and follow the Solrise Twitter for regular competition updates.

4 Ways to Earn Prizes

1. Quarterly Leaderboard 🟠

Quarterly Leaderboards will continually offer managers incentives to earn high returns for their investors. The top 10 funds with the highest return on investment at the end of the 12-week period qualify for the USDC prizes.

2. Weekly Leaderboard 🟑

Managers that joined the Quarterly Leaderboard also participate in the Weekly Leaderboard which awards USDC to the top 3 funds with the highest return on investment in that week, every week.

3. King of the Jungle 🟒

16 funds qualify for the King of the Jungle tournament. Qualifiers are the top 10 funds from the Quarterly Leaderboard at the 8-week quarterly leaderboard mark (a snapshot will be taken at 8 weeks) and 6 wild cards chosen by Solrise and the community (trading volume, $ profit, and an active blog will be important factors). USDC prizes are awarded to the top 3 managers and a Degen Ape NFT for the King.

Along with the leaderboards and King of the Jungle, Solrise is introducing monthly rewards for high-quality managers who can now earn a premium on their fund profits. The more investors they have and the more profit they earn, the more SLRS they are rewarded with.

Managers who joined the competition and end a month with a minimum of a $100 fund profit will receive SLRS rewards. 1 SLRS reward per $1 fund profit (up to 2 SLRS per $1 fund profit with higher locked manager share). The average amount of SLRS you have staked in the last 30 days determines your maximum monthly reward. Read more information here.

Join DAWN of the Apes

All you have to do to join the competition is:

Creating a new Solrise Fund costs 1 USDC so be sure you have at least 1 USDC along with 1000 that you will be investing and locking in your fund in the next step.

Step 2: Click here and join DAWN of the Apes

Remember, you'll need to invest at least 1,000 USDC into your fund (and some SOL to cover for transaction fees) and lock this investment until September 30th. If you're creating a new

  • Once you've invested 1000 USDC into your fund and locked it until September 30th, you'll have officially joined the competition!

Ape In

All of the rewards from DAWN of the Apes are for Fund Managers but there are future plans to incentivize investors in a similar fashion so keep those eyes peeled. We want to give a few managers a chance to prove themselves before opening the floodgates for investors.

Solrise will continue integrating high-quality protocols on Solana and providing Managers with the best tools to trade successfully. This won’t only improve the Manager's experience while keeping Investors more informed but it will ultimately make the investment process more efficient.

If you want a piece of that 50,000 USDC prize pool, a DegenApe (floor price ~60 SOL), and SLRS token rewards, ape in and start trading. 😀🦧

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