Analysis Tools: How to Know Which Fund to Invest In

Solrise offers a few qualitative and quantitative analysis tools for investors to make informed decisions as to which Solrise Fund they're going to invest in.

Blockchain Enabled Transparency

Blockchains are immutable which means once a transaction is made, it can't be reversed and it is part of the distributed ledger forever. Unlike private blockchains, Solana is a public blockchain which means every new block effectively becomes part of a global public domain.

What this means for Solrise is that investors have real-time access to each fund's trading history and current portfolio.

As you can see, the shadowy super coders here at Solrise have successfully made the trading history tab make sense when compared to a typical blockchain explorer. When investing in any new fund, be sure to check their previous trades to see what decisions the managers have made and what the consequences were.

About Section

Each Manager can describe their fund's potential to their investors in the about section.

A well-intentioned fund will likely have some or all of the following social profiles as well and will have them linked (on-chain) directly to their Solrise Fund. From these links, you'll be able to learn more about the fund and potentially be able to communicate with the Fund manager.

Investors Tab

You can see which investors (if any) are currently invested in a fund by clicking on a fund's Investors tab.

Entries / Exits Tab

You can see the full detailed history of investor entries and exits by clicking on the Entries / Exits tab near next to the About and Investors tabs.

Solrise Blog Posts

Along with standard social media posts, fund Managers can also post directly to their Solrise page.

It's recommended that fund Managers do this often to update their Investors on their investment thesis and market outlook.

Other Factors to Consider

Investors need to know why they should invest in a fund. Managers need to let them know.

  1. Marketing

If you're just starting out and don't have a following, marketing is a necessity for your fund to grow in AUM. Along with the blog post and about sections of your fund, we've also created a #shillyourfund channel in the Solrise Discord that allows you to explain your investment thesis.

We also encourage Managers to build a personal website, maintain social media pages, and actively market their fund to expand its reach. If any fund needs direction on how to go about marketing, please reach out in Solrise's Discord. Managers who create educational and promotional videos about their Solrise fund or trading knowledge will garner more interest than managers who simply request people to invest with them.

Proof of understanding goes a long way.

2. Verification - NFT PFP, Twitter accounts, & .Sol addresses

Among a number of novel wallet features, Solflare enables users to set NFTs as their profile picture and its picked up by a growing list of Solana protocols. When you use those protocols, like Solrise, you see your NFT representing your profile. Managers who do this show more trustworthiness than an empty egg.

Solrise users can verify their Twitter account by following the simple in-wallet prompts to do so. A verified Twitter profile beckons even more trustworthiness.

Bonfida Naming Service is Solana's version of ENS (Ethereum Name Service). It's an auction protocol that lets you purchase an NFT which you can then use as a substitute for your public wallet address. For example, instead of 3huUrtWW5s5ew98eIFRYz9LPsDUQTujNzzYaB9DBkppQ, my wallet address could be solrise.sol.

3. Feedback & Communication

The best managers will have a deep understanding of trading platforms and trading strategies. While Solrise is very user-friendly and feature-heavy, there is always room for improvement. We want Managers and Investors to communicate with us any comments, questions, or concerns as well as with each other to share ideas and spark discussion on trading or improving the platform.

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