Order Types

Swapping assets on Jupiter is a quick simple process but if you want to trade perpetual futures contracts on Mango Markets using your Solrise fund, you'll have to place a trade order. The most important concept to understand is the difference between a market order and a limit order.

Market Orders

Market orders are immediate buys or sells at whatever the market price is.

They execute immediately but turn the trader into a price-taker meaning they're not in control of the exact price their trade is executed at. Market orders may incur an extra fee depending on the current funding rates at the time the trade is executed.

Stop loss, take profit, and trigger orders are variations of market orders.

Limit Orders

Limit orders are buys or sells of an asset at a defined price.

They do not execute immediately as they require a defined price to be met before they're executed. Any of your collateral or balance used in a limit order will be unavailable until that trade is canceled or executed.

Limit orders turn traders into price-makers meaning they're in control of the exact price their trade is executed at. Limit orders do not incur any extra funding fee as they're effectively making a market rather than taking one.

Stop limit, take profit limit, and trigger limit orders are variations of limit orders.

Limit orders may not be executed if the asset never trades at your desired price.

Available order types on Solrise

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