For Investors

Managers have the power but investors have the optionality. Solrise provides qualitative and quantitative analysis tools for investors to make informed investment decisions as to which Solrise fund fits their risk profile.
These tools are powered by blockchain-enabled transparency which prevents any manager from hiding their trading activity or their fund’s previous performance history. For a full list, check out the Analysis Tools page of the Solrise Gitbook. Along with essentially zero transaction fees and the ability to self custody one’s own funds, Solrise combines the following 3 features to give Investors the greatest chances of success:
Solrise will continue integrating high-quality protocols on Solana and providing Managers with the best tools to trade successfully. This won't only improve the Manager's experience while keeping Investors more informed but it will ultimately make the investment process more efficient.

Investment Profiles

While Managers are the foundation of Solrise, Investors are just as important.
Each Investor has an Investment Profile that is essentially based on duration and risk tolerance.
Duration refers to the amount of time that an investor is expecting to receive returns. If an asset is high duration, that means people are expecting returns for a long time. Given that Solrise Funds can be withdrawn from at any time, Solrise Funds are low duration as time is less of a factor in the decision-making process for which fund to invest in.
That leaves risk tolerance as the main consideration.


Investing on your own is far different than investing with a mutual fund or in an ETF. These institutions have strict rules and mandates to adhere to and as a result, generally invest more conservatively than active traders do.
If you believe markets are inefficient enough to extract profits from, then active trading is something that makes sense to you. If you are unsure how to actively trade but still want to extract profits from inefficient markets, then logically it would make sense to park your money with someone who does. That's where Solrise comes into play.
Let's break down the Investment Profile of a typical investor that Solrise Funds are comprised of.

Types of Investors

  • Less experienced traders who prefer to have someone else manage money for them, but are still tech and crypto savvy. Maybe people who are looking for higher risk - higher return alternatives to yield farming.
  • People who are following (a) certain trader(s) but aren’t experienced themselves or don't have time to actively trade and would jump at the chance if they could give their money to them to manage it.
  • Family and friends who want to give their funds to someone they know to manage.
  • Crypto newcomers who were introduced to Solrise by friends through word of mouth.
  • Anyone with a lot of crypto money just sitting there and wanting to put it to use without spending time actively managing it.
  • Opportunists who will come for the rewards and will stay if they happen to invest in successful managers.