For Managers

Fund Managers are the foundation of Solrise. High-quality managers attract more investors and more investors attract more high-quality managers.
It's not a chicken or the egg problem, it's a flywheel.
To incentivize high-quality managers, Solrise will continually be integrating high-quality protocols and analytics to enhance the set of tools managers have to work with. Due to many reasons, blockchains presently foster relatively inefficient markets with ample opportunity to obtain outsized returns.
If you want to expand those returns beyond yourself while building an on-chain reputation and receiving performance fees from a theoretically infinite number of investors, look no further.

Types of Managers

Below is a list of types of individuals who may want to become a Solrise Fund manager.
  • Experienced traders who have their own groups of investors they give out investment advice to - now they can trade for them, earn for them, and profit from performance fees.
  • Experienced traders that do not have a social platform but can build their reputation by establishing a good performance history.
  • Semi-experienced traders who think they have what it takes and can try and prove it. Every trade and performance is on-chain and verifiable and they can get investors if and when they do succeed.
  • Family managers who manage funds for their friends and family. It’s a common occurrence where friends and family will either constantly ask you what and when to invest in or even send you their money to invest for them. Through Solrise you can trade for them without having to worry about all the associated administrative effort of how to go about it.