🪙SLRS Staking


SLRS is the utility token of the Solrise ecosystem.

It's an SPL token on Solana and below is its contract address.

SLRS Contract Address: SLRSSpSLUTP7okbCUBYStWCo1vUgyt775faPqz8HUMr

View it here on CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, and CoinList.

Utility Discounts

The utility benefits of staking SLRS differs depending on which market participant you are.

  • As a Manager, you get a higher share of the performance fee that investors pay to withdraw from a fund.

  • As an Investor, you pay lower exit fees to the Solrise protocol when you exit a fund.

  • As a Solflare User, you pay lower in-app swap fees.

  • As an SLRS Staker, you have exposure to 8-40% APYs depending on how long the stake is locked up for.

Staking Rates

Manager & Investor Discounts

Solflare Users' in-wallet Swap Fee Discount

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