🟢King of the Jungle

Lasts for 4 weeks (weeks 9-12): August 29th - September 25th


16 funds qualify for the King of the Jungle tournament. Qualifiers are the top 10 funds from the Quarterly Leaderboard at the 8-week quarterly leaderboard mark (a snapshot will be taken at 8 weeks) and 6 wild cards chosen by Solrise and the community (trading volume, $ profit, and an active blog will be important factors). USDC prizes are awarded to the top 3 managers and a Degen Ape NFT for the King.

  • Funds gain a point by earning more ROI in the day than their competitors.

  • Each head-to-head battle lasts for 1 week and a best of 7 is played.

  • To win a point, a fund needs to have both a positive ROI and a higher ROI than its competitor.

  • The first fund to gain 4 points wins and goes to the next round.

Tournament structure:

Week 1 (Aug 29th - Sep 4): Sweet 16

Week 2 (Sep 5 - Sep 9): Elite 8

Week 3 (Sep 12 - Sep 18): Final 4

Week 4 (Sep 19 - Sep 25): Grand final and battle for 3rd place

Managers who are knocked out from King of the Jungle are still eligible to compete for prizes in the quarterly and weekly leaderboards.

In the case of a tie in points, a fund with a higher total weekly ROI goes through. In case the ROI is exactly the same, a fund with a higher overall ROI since the Quarterly Leaderboard started goes through.


Prizes are sent directly to winning wallets no later than 30 days after winning.

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