🟠Quarterly Leaderboard

Q3: July 4th - September 25th


Quarterly Leaderboards will continually offer managers incentives to earn high returns for their investors. The top 10 funds with the highest return on investment at the end of the 12-week period qualify for the USDC prizes.

  • ROI calculation starts after joining the competition (no sooner than July 4th, 00:00:01 UTC Monday) and ends on September 25th, 23:59:59 UTC Sunday.

  • Managers need to join the competition manually via the Leaderboards page in the app.

  • Joining the competition requires the manager to lock at least $1,000 as the manager's share of their fund until September 30th (5 days longer than the length of the Q3 competition). This is a prerequisite because it signals to investors that the fund managers will have skin in the game and will prevent them from abruptly exiting or gambling with investor funds. This additional layer of trust should result in more investments.

  • A manager can lock additional manager share at any time. The higher the locked share, the more trust he will gain from investors and the more rewards he can earn.

  • Joining the competition is available for the first 8 weeks.

  • One manager can compete with only one fund during the duration of the competition.


Prizes are sent directly to winning wallets no later than 30 days after winning.

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