📈Why use Solrise Funds

Democratization & Access

A strong feature of Solrise Finance is its ability to break down barriers to entry.

The architecture of Solrise ensures that investors and managers have the ability to use the platform at any time and from anywhere as long as Solana is running (~99% uptime). This doesn't exist in traditional finance. Not only are the markets only open at certain hours of the day, but so are the banks. Digital wallets and blockchains offer an alternative to this antiquated investment landscape by enabling 24/7 permissionless markets.

Essentially, digital wallets can serve as both a bank account and an investment account. Solflare Wallet is the entryway to all of Solana's robust DeFi ecosystem and is well on its way to becoming the world's premier wallet aggregator. In the future, investing any amount in a Solrise fund will require a single click in the Solflare wallet. If you're a manager, no one is stopping the 7,000,000 daily active Solana users from investing in your fund.

Reasons to use Solrise

  1. Permissionless

Rather than become an accredited investor, which usually requires a non-mortgaged net worth of >$1,000,000, you can invest in funds on Solrise without a credit check or anything of that sort. The protocol just requires you to connect your wallet and it operates at all hours of the day.

2. Non-Custodial

As a manager, you can control your investors' assets but you can never withdraw them to your own wallet. Investors always are in control of their assets and they can withdraw them at any time. There's no 6-12 month lockup as there are with many other fund investments in traditional finance.

Managers only profit when investors profit.

Being a non-custodial protocol means that Solrise never has access to investor or manager funds either. There is cryptographic security preventing that from happening and it is up to the investor/manager to self custody their own funds.

3. Global Yield Crisis

Central banks have run amuck. Global inflation is rampant and no fiat currency is safe. Bond yields in real terms are negative across the board which means it costs money just to keep your money in a bank. Passive investing has become a massive bubble and as equity markets deal with the ramifications of this, there is a lack of opportunity for non-active investors.

Financially savvy traders understand how to take advantage of the volatility in ways to profit from it. Solrise incorporates on-chain derivative trading so managers can earn profits for their investors in any market condition and the product offering will only continue to expand.

The New age of Computing & Investment

Blockchains are a new type of computing and digital economies can be built atop them. Decentralized Finance offers a number of products that are at the intersection of cutting-edge technology and finance or are less opaque substitutes for what exists in traditional finance. On-chain reputations of manager ability and PnLs are just a by-product of this new paradigm.

Solrise is at the forefront of this new digital economy and will continue to integrate and innovate.

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