The second transaction in my Jupiter swap fails to simulate and says, *Failed to simulate transaction on Mainnet*, what gives?

Tl;DR Don't worry about it. It will not affect your trading experience or return.

Solflare simulates transactions to show the details of what you're going to do before you do it and due to technical limitations, two simulated transactions in a row are not possible.

When using Jupiter, it's possible that your trade will route through one token to get to another (USDC -> USDT -> SOL). In this case, the interface will display 2 simulated transactions and will likely say *Failed to simulate transaction on Mainnet*.

Can Fund Managers withdraw Investors' money?

No. Solrise is non-custodial which means you and only you ever have access to your funds. While Fund Managers can move your funds around (trade them), they can never withdraw them.

Solrise itself also never has access to your funds.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount that an Investor can invest in a Solrise fund?

No! Just make sure you have enough SOL to pay for transaction fees.

What if Solrise Finance or Solana goes down while my trade is active?

Active Trades on Solrise can only be Mango limit orders. Solrise has never been down for more than a few seconds and always retains proper on-chain records of each trade so you can be sure that your trade won't be canceled or accidentally liquidated.

To date, Solrise's uptime is nearly 100% so the chances of this happening are minuscule.

Solana, however, has gone down for longer than a few seconds but there's nothing to worry about in regards to trades being canceled. Accidental liquidation can occur but only if the price of a leveraged asset goes against you while Solana is down and you are unable to exit your position.

Further Questions

Solflare has a 24/7 support chat that you can contact whenever you're having an issue with Solflare or Solrise.

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